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New in my publishing strategy are ‘Song Blogs.’ It is easy for me. I do not really have a concept upon which a whole compilation is built. Instead, I am writing on things that are currently in my head. The titles of these songs are at the same time the themes, and they do not need to have a relation to each other.

‘Tom Change’ is a pseudonym. I am Austrian and have a German surname. There is one big thing behind the artist name, whatever you think. It is linked to my piano improvisations. I do a lot with modulations, with chords as harmonies that give the key (= Tonart) for the melody, being in another key with every other chord. Beginning with that technique ten years ago, it was rather technical and difficult. It still is technical, but now the tunes are more balanced and more connected.


20190423 - the power of music (03:40)
20181005 - true or false (03:42)

20180510 - it's clear (03:48)

20180128 - a lot to do (03:40)


Attention, Warning

Perhaps, my music is not right for people with some mental illness.
The suitable age for all video recordings is 21, and above.
This music can cause daydreaming when one is driving a vehicle.


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